Carlo DeBlasio

Carlo DeBlasio is a full time working professional magician, providing you with solid and entertaining magic shows, mind reading, illusion and escape for your party, banquet, trade show, grand opening or other event. Studying magic since 1970, Carlo began performing professionally part time in 1986 and made the move to full time. Carlo combines mentalism, sleight-of-hand talent, illusion, mystery and humor focusing on ENTERTAINMENT. Fun, clean, sophisticated, fitting a wide range of audiences; Carlo's brand of magic is a sure crowd pleaser.



Frank Monaco

Frank Monaco has been performing magic for over 25 years. Frank combines magic and comedy, to make a fast paced and very entertaining show. The addition of live animals helps complete the show, which appeals to young and old alike. Frank's style of magic involves much audience participation to make you feel like you are part of the show. The material that is used in both his comedy and magic is always family oriented and safe for all ages. Frank teaches magic at a one of a kind Magic Instructional Camp on Long Island, at the New York Institute of Technology during the summer. This camp receives talented young people from all over the world, studying to be future magicians. The camp has hosted some of the world's most famous magicians such as David Copperfield, Criss Angel, and David Blaine, just to name a few.


Derrin Berger

Derrin is a magician that has been performing for over 13 years, a Pisces that likes mint chocolate chip ice cream, and all around a pretty good guy... just ask him. At the impressionable age of six, the door to the amazing world of magic opened for Derrin Berger. Derrin's interest in magic began when he saw a local magician perform at his sister's school. Since that time his love for magic and performing has grown by leaps and bounds.

His unique blend of comedy and magic leaves audiences gasping in amazement while drying their eyes from tears of laughter, and as if that wasn't enough he also can cook up some of the finest French toast around. Derrin is a 1st place winner of Tannen's Magic Close-up and Stage competitions and a recipient of the Creative Dude Award. He also teaches at Tannen's Magic Camp and is a member of the Al Baker Assembly #35 of the Society of American Magicians.