John Shaw

John Shaw breaks down the traditional boundaries of what a magician looks like, sounds like, and performs like. There are no birds or rabbits in his show. John performs circus sideshow stunts, mind-blowing illusions, and edgy comedy. John has been featured on the Howard Stern show and on the Ricki Lake show, as well as appearing in several major motion pictures. After you have witnessed John Shaw's unique blend of bizarre feats and magic, you will understand why he is not just another magician. John Shaw changes the face of magic one show at a time.




David Oliver

David Oliver's unique style of presenting magic has been witnessed by thousands of people around the globe for well over a decade. David will amaze and amuse you with his award-winning sleight-of-hand and onstage magic. Watch in disbelief as fluttering white doves appear and disappear right under your nose. Amid the laughter and applause, you will witness incredible feats of modern and classic magic performed live, onstage! You will actually feel the magic happen right in your own hands! For almost twenty years, this neoclassic artist has entertained audiences on cruises, in hotels and at resorts to rave reviews. Colleges, universities and corporate events across the U.S. have asked David to come back to perform again and again. You may have seen David on one of many television appearances, including recently, when his magic was featured on the Discovery Channel and also "The Early Show" on CBS. For the past six years, David Oliver has been the most requested guest performer in Broadway's longest-running magic show, "Monday Night Magic" in New York City.


Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine started performing when he was 8 years old. His parents bought him a "Jerry Mahoney" Ventriloquist puppet from the Sears catalogue as a Christmas gift. They thought he would play with it, and then lose interest. They began to worry when he started doing shows for his school and other local organizations. They haven't stopped worrying since. In college, he started playing the Ukulele and combining it with Ventriloquism, created a wonderful show that has been entertaining people for over 30 years. He headlines at theatres, clubs and on television. He has performed on national television with Bill Cosby, and opened on tour for Billy Crystal. The New York Daily News says, "He is hilarious and a true original. You'll never see anyone like him!" He is the slightly better looking cousin of Tiny Tim.


Scott Hitchcock

Scott Hitchcock is a great entertainer with an utterly unique style. His enormous creative range encompasses magic, dance, music, complicated verse, impersonation and improvisation. Scott has shared his wide repertoire of performances with audiences worldwide. Presenting juggling and improvisational comedy on the streets of New York, sleight of hand at private parties and trade shows throughout the Midwest, and magic & illusion in nightclubs in LA, he has received numerous awards and critical acclaim. Not limiting himself to the United States, he has performed for audiences in Europe and Asia on many occasions. Scott has also paraded his prestidigitation on television. You may have seen him on NBC, CNN, TNN, USA or E!. Whether through the camera, on stage, or right up close, he delights audiences everywhere. Now residing in Las Vegas, Scott has been a regular feature at casinos such as Caesar's Palace, Excalibur, Fitzgeralds and the Orleans. He performs both as a silent comedian and accomplished speaker, able to draw and delight crowds in any situation...on the street, at parties, trade show booths, or on stage.


Chris Chiappini

Chris Chiappini is a true juggling prodigy. Still early in his career and performing since the age of 10, he has already been recognized with high honors by the Society of American Magicians and has been awarded the International Jugglers Association's Junior Champion. He's been featured on Nickelodeon and ESPN for his participation in the World Juggling Championships, as well as in many major resorts throughout the country. He combines skill and comedy in his fast-paced show and is sure to be a crowd-favorite, show-stealing, one-of-a-kind hit that you won't want to miss.


Terry Morgan

Terry Morgan is a true, seasoned-pro. Having started in magic at the age of 7, Terry has been lucky enough to see and learn as much magic as any of us could wish for. He's had the priveledge of spending time with such legendary magicians as Doug Henning, Harry Blackstone Jr., and the amazing Kreskin to name only a few. He has performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, and was hired by Disney to perform at 2 of their magic shops at the Magic Kingdom. In the past 20 years Terry has performed at countless private functions, been hired by major companies to work their trade shows, and has been seen at many resorts throughout the area. Terry is also in demand to provide magic lessons and has been asked to present lectures to fellow magicians on many original effects he has created. A well-polished act is always a treat, treat yourself to seeing Terry Morgan.


Jim Snack

Jim Snack is a Certified Speaking Professional who works with people and organizations that want to change with confidence.

In addition to being a skilled speaker and trainer, Jim is an accomplished magician and sleight-of-hand artist. Whether he is doing a keynote on “The Magic of Change” for a national association, introducing a new product at a corporate trade show, or speaking on creativity and communication to corporations and associations, Jim’s presentations are a captivating blend of magic and message.

In fact, he was named an outstanding teacher by the International Communication Association, and selected by Sharing Ideas Magazine as a “Consummate Speaker of the Year.” Jim Snack is definitely the Wizard of Aha’s!”


Francis Menotti

Francis Menotti is a performer, creator, author, lecturer, and more—and yet, he is really none of those things. Yes, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser might have said that he is everything, and nothing. Actually, the simple truth is that Francis is merely a person that wonders about wonder—and once he dreams of something impossible, he is driven to bring that impossibility to life for all those that wish to take part in the experience. Through his art, Francis shares his views not only on wonder, but he also takes the audience on an unforgettable journey of surprise, futility, commitment, angst, joy, failure, passion, and even death. Simply put, Francis Menotti is one of those rare individuals that makes magic magical.


Josh Cohen

Joshua Cohen is a 17-year old from Canton, MA, and has been interested in magic since he was four years old. At the age of eight, Joshua joined the John Calvert, Boston Assembly Number Twenty-nine of the Society Of Young Magicians. An active member of Assembly #29, Joshua has acted as Secretary of the assembly, has helped to tutor younger members and has been the Editor of the assembly newsletter, the Boston Mini-Wizard. During these years, Joshua has participated in all of the assembly's "Magic & More" benefit stage shows, raising money for worthwhile children's organizations, hospitals, charities and other youth groups. Joshua has consistently refined his stage act, as evidenced by his third, second and first place consecutive performances in the Junior Stage category in his first three years at the camp. The following year, he ventured into unknown territory, and took home first place in the Close-up magic category - surprising everyone (including himself!). Last year, Joshua won First Place again, this time in the Senior Stage category. Outside of the magic community, Joshua has appeared in nationwide commercials for the "Furby" toy, in a Colgate-Palmolive product-launching industrial film, and he was the featured subject of an entire episode of ABC Family Channel's "Knock First" reality TV show.


Daniel GreenWolf

Daniel GreenWolf has been performing his Bardic Magic throughout the Northeast for over ten years. He has performed for groups such as SNET and the National Cancer Society as well as multiple Renaissance Faires in NY, MA, CT, and NJ. He has won numerous past Stage and Close-Up Awards from the world-renowned Tannen's Magic Camp and is a trained actor, poet, and vocalist. Playing as a Bard, Daniel combines stories, history, music and theatre with his magic to create an experience like no other.


Alain Nu

As the singular focus of TLC's 4 hour series, “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu,” Alain is seen to travel across the US, displaying his amazing talents, and entertaining people along the way with his unbelievable mind-skills.

Television, newspapers, magazines and radio have chronicled Alain’s accomplishments as well as his mysterious yet warm and approachable nature. National Public Radio’s “Studio 360” followed Alain as he helped BWI airport during the 9-11 crisis, pacifying the busy airport security lines by entertaining the concerned and agitated crowds. The Washington Post once remarked, “To watch him is to throw out all the rules of physics. Time and space are malleable in Nu’s deft hands.”

Regarding his own abilities, Alain says “My presentations revolve around mysterious topics that blur the line between fiction and reality; between magic and the most cutting-edge of life-sciences. Here, I try to merge art with science, and science with the ‘modern mystic.’ It’s playful, but as real as anyone can imagine!”


Rudy Hunter

Rudy T. Hunter is a very popular Mentalist. As the star of one of Toronto’s longest running shows, “A Little Night Magic”, he stunned crowds each night with his mental dexterity. He is also greatly respected as a teacher, author and lecturer, having written and published 12 books and as many DVDs on the subject. They are best sellers.

"The highlight of the convention for me was Rudy Hunter. I would have gladly paid the full convention fee just to see him. He was dynamite!" Steve Oxford, Maryland.

"Rudy Hunter is one funny M!@$%ER - F&^%ER!!!" Chris Capehart.


Joe Wood

Joseph Wood has been interested in magic since he was four years old and started performing tricks for his family at age five. His love of learning about illusions and magical effects has grown through the years and Joe has performed at various venues in our area, including the Hooley on the Hudson, East Durham Irish Festival, the Cavalcade of Magic and numerous places in the upstate New York region. Joe has trained with some of the best magicians in the world, including Just Alan, Jeff McBride and our very own Magic Palookas. He has attended magic camps in the summer since he was seven and has attended the famous Tannen's Magic Camp for the past two summers, recently earning an award for his stage competition. He is an active member of the Sociey of Young Magicians and has gone to the Society of American Magicians conventions for the past two years. Joe would like to thank all of the great performers who have helped him along the way as well as his family who have been supportive through it all.


The Gulamerians

“The Magic of GULAMERIAN” is classic magic with a modern touch. It is a compelling masterful blend of illusion and reality presented in the traditional French cabaret style. GULAMERIAN has successfully entertained audiences through out the country. His lighthearted humor, along with his originality and creativity prompted the Society of American magicians to proclaim him magician of the year in 1979. GULAMERIAN’s fantastic feats of magic, combined with his charismatic personality have made him extremely popular wherever he appears. Completely self contained and mobile this exciting show can be integrated into any show room, stage, hotel or convention center. A typical GULAMERIAN show is a balance of large and small-scale illusions presented in a clean, positive manner with a style that is uniquely his own. Even the most skeptic of skeptics has walked away from a GULAMERIAN performance shaking his head in utter amazement, how does he do it? GULAMERIAN takes the presentation of classical magic to new illusionary heights – they become genuine masterpieces of deception.